Saturday, July 30, 2011

"When you get to Stewart, you'll know there is a God..."

"When you get to Stewart, you'll know there is a God..." those were the words of a fellow passenger when i got off the Air Canada flight from Vancouver to the Northern town of Terrace. Not that i've ever doubted the prescence of the Almighty, but i knew exactly what those words meant when i drove through the spectacular scenery around town. This was postcard country and Stewart was supposed to be even better...There was greenery as far as the eyes could see, snow capped mountains and the air was fresh, crisp and unpolluted.

I drove another 4 hours north to get to Stewart...Population just under 500. African community? well i'm pretty much the only black person for 300+ kilometres! To be fair,everyone here has been great so far. Sure i've had the odd stare when i walk into the grocery store but it's a small town and you sort of expect them to be a bit curious. Its an everyone knows everyone else kind of place.

Set in a valley, just on the border with Alaska, Stewart is truly a breathtakingly beautiful little town. In the next couple of years i will posting pictures of the town because no matter how i write about it, images are worth a thousand words!

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