Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Return of Goderich Boy

So i started this blog experience with the aim of giving my opinions on a consistent basis but i fell off the wagon somewhat. The end of my undergraduate journey and the inevitable post-exam celebrations meant that i lost my way for weeks. For that i apologize to those who were starting to enjoy my regular postings.

A lot has happened since i last posted. Ivory Coast was on fire and Gbagbo was still defying the will of his people and indeed all logic. He has since been deposed, although it must be said Ivory Coast is in a very delicate phase. A president that is struggling to establish legitimacy, evidence of atrocities being unearthed on a regular basis and a significant portion of Gbagbo's supporters lying dormant. A process of reconciliation is vital to ensure long term stability. Good to luck to Ouattara, his success is important to Ivorians and the whole sub-region.

Since my last post, Bin Laden has been assassinated, Ghaddafi is getting stronger and stronger, Gas prices are criminally high, the Palestinians are moving towards another large scale uprising, Pakistan is wobbling and it all seems like the World is still going to shit...Same old same old. There is a malaise that is still gripping the world but we must not despair, each generation has its challenges. We must accept the burden that is being passed to us from our parents and re-shape our future before it's too late. We still have time!

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  1. We are living in revolutionary times...times where voices like yours are needed more than ever. I hope this post means you plan on returning to the blogosphere as a regular. Blessings on your journey.